Chairmans Statement

Bismillahi-r-Rahmani-r-Rahim Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh Dear Shareholders, On behalf of the Board of Directors and as a Chairman of the Nitol Insurance Company Limited (NICL) this is my pleasure to welcome you all to this 22nd Annual General Meeting of Nitol Insurance Company Limited. Also, I must take the opportunity to express my gratitude to everybody for your amazing support and faith on us, which elicits an inspiration in my mind. I am really happy and delighted being here today with you. But at the same time, a chilling psychological state of mind is crumpling me round the clock. Like some other people, I am also frightened for the 2nd phase pandemic that has struck again, which seems to be more aggressive than the earlier one. This deadly outbreak causes thousands of death, makes the economy fragile, and turns many sectors into a collapsing stage. As a result, several businesses are being grounded by its catastrophic effect. According to the statement of International Labour Organization (ILO), the global unemployment has crossed 190 millions. Even the most developed countries are confessing their helplessness against this deadly Covid-19 disease. In Bangladesh, death toll from Covid-19 has exceeded 12,000 of which 7500 were in last year. Mostly, the private sectors are suffering badly; cutting off employees, and or lowering wages. According to a press release by the Asian development Bank, this pandemic force down the GDP to 5.2%, which was 8.2% in earlier. To prevent spreading of virus, country wide lock down has been imposed till May 30, 2020. In this critical situation, it would be difficult for us to exert our efforts with satisfaction or to support our employees otherwise. Yet, we are doing our best with efficient mode. Simultaneously, we are trying to protect our employees by following the guide lines of the government. We have started our online services before Covid-19 outbreak. In that sense, we are pioneer in this field having a strong and sophisticated IT infrastructure. We have build up online services so that an insurer can easily follow every step of online banking, credit/debit cards services; and even can grasp mobile payment services through Bikash, Rocket, etc. During lockdown, we have virtually carried out our affairs. Through this platform, we organized our every day meetings, communications and client dealings. Instead of having Covid-19 struck, our Gross Premium Income comes to BDT. 682,728,676 which was BDT.730,372,687 in 2019; made an Underwriting Profit of amount BDT.105,150,108 which was BDT.135,710,213 in the previous year. Investments and other Income were BDT.80,037,398 in 2020 compared to BDT.77,643,107 in 2019 and the amount of Claim Settlement in 2020 was BDT.189,843,342 in contrast to the figure achieved in 2019 which amounted BDT.212,740,047. Although, there is certain degree of fall down in compared to the figures accomplished in 2019, yet the achievement of 2020 is significant enough bearing in mind of what the entire world went through. As a custodian of the company, I must say that the staffs of NICL have been found very much sincere and devoted even in this Covid attack situation. They were not frightened about it but faced the challenge and trying to overcome it. I do not have any reservation to express my gratitude, love and respect to my staffs for their immense commitment and dedication. It has been a tough experience in recent time in which we are fighting in every single moment. We have started to fight against this disaster to save ourselves and to save our economy. Though it is hard but we are extremely hopeful. In Sha Allah, the better days will come. Towards the end, I must memorize the horrible scenario of Covid-19 outbreak that has badly struck our neighbor country. So, we must follow every single measure to protect ourselves. My request to you to be careful, to wear mask, to sanitize hands; avoid crowd and maintain physical distancing. May Allah Subhanataala Protect Us.

Thank you all.

A K M Monirul Hoque